Tours closest to Stranda ski resort

We found 10 tours within a radius of 1019 km. They are shown in the list below. It is also possible to search all tours using our map search .

Sylvkallen / Sølvkallen: From Standalen
Default tour photo Start from the upermost turn of the road up from Store...
06:00 hours S2 - Easy

21 km away.

Skårasalen: SW face - from Kvistadsætra
Default tour photo If the road is open it is possible to drive all the way...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

23 km away.

Kolåstinden: Normal route from Standalhytta
Default tour photo From Standalhytta (accessible for overnight stay) go...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

27 km away.

Sandhornet from Brudavollen
Default tour photo Follow the road in the beginning or take a shortcut...
03:00 hours S2 - Easy

35 km away.

Kyrkjetinden from Ørsta
Image Take the large path(small road up from the houses. You...
04:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

37 km away.

Åres baksida
Default tour photo After the short climb to the top of Åreskutan, continue...
01:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

347 km away.

Tolpagorni - towards Kittelbäcken
Default tour photo One of the most characteristic peaks in the Kebnekaise...
05:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

870 km away.

Meall a Bhuiridh: NE Face
Default tour photo Starting on skis from the top of the White Corries...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

874 km away.

Durmålstinden: from Kattfjordeidet (normal route)
Default tour photo Start on the east side of the bridge on the road down...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

1013 km away.

Rassevarri: from Fossbakk (normal route)
Default tour photo Park at Fossbakk, close to the river. Get out of the...
06:00 hours S2 - Easy

1019 km away.

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