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Col de l'Albe: Traverse from l'Ospitalet to Soldeu

From l'Ospitalet go up the GR through the Arques Valley. Some sections of it follow a pipeline that carries water to the hydroelectric station next to the village. At the confluence with the Siscar Valley turn right and continue through the Arques Valley. Ascend up to the Pè d'Orres Pass. Continue without gaining or losing altitude to the left until the Couart Lake, which you cross. Cross the Alba lake too and finish the ascent to the Alba Pass. After it, descend to the left until the Superior Lake of Juclar and finish the leg at Juclar Hut.

The next day's leg allows you to arrive to Soldeu. Go down the Juclar Valley until it abuts to the Incles Valley, which you have to follow until Soldeu.

  • Difficulty: S2 - Easy
  • Danger/Exposure: E2 - Medium/High
  • Time: 03:00 hours
  • Total climb: 1300 m
  • Total elevation drop: 1300 m
  • Highest altitude: 2539 m
  • Lowest altitude: 1430 m
  • Extra gear: None
  • Lift access: No



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