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Refuge des Conscrits: from les Contamines


From the parking at Cugnon, go up to the Tré-la-Tête hut (1900m), either by the Plan or the Combe Noire.  Above the hut, go up the moraine then contour an awkward passage ("Mauvais Pas") before descending  onto the Tré la Tête glacier. Go up the glacier and overcome the first seracs by the true right bank.  At about 2400m, a sign indicates which way to go.  Continue up the true right bank of the glacier for about 200m to find the hut.  If there is not much snow then take the summer route which climbs up the true right flank of the glacier, starting a little lower down.


By the same route

  • Difficulty: S2 - Easy
  • Danger/Exposure: E2 - Medium/High
  • Time: 06:00 hours
  • Total climb: 1420 m
  • Total elevation drop: 1420 m
  • Highest altitude: 2602 m
  • Lowest altitude: 1180 m
  • Extra gear: None
  • Lift access: No



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