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Tête de Ferret: Par la Dotse


Park where the road ends, (in winter) and a ski piste begins above La Fouly, at Le Clou, (also known as Les Granges.)


From Le Clou, cross the river and follow the ski du fond track, parallel to the road until level with the first houses at Ferret.  Go up the clearing on the right to a tourist signpost showing footpaths. Traverse past some larches towards the "Pramplo" pastures to reach the "Cretté Létemaire".
Go up this ridge to a large boulder then trend leftwards to the summit.
Be careful!, if there is an avalanche risk, windslab is likely beneath the summit. In which case follow the ridge to the summit.

From the Dotse one can go W to the Tête de Ferret by the Planfins ridge (obvious).


By the same route if you only go as far as the Dotse.
From the summit of the Tête de Ferret, go down the N face, then easy angled slopes towards the "Crette de la Perche". Go diagonally rightwards to the "Creux de la Gouille" and regain the valley via the Léchère chalets.
(Alternatively, you can go down the "Combe des Fonds" to la Fouly.)

  • Difficulty: S3 - Medium (<35°)
  • Danger/Exposure: E1 - Low
  • Time: 06:00 hours
  • Total climb: 1149 m
  • Total elevation drop: 1177 m
  • Length: 11.39 km
  • Highest altitude: 2716 m
  • Lowest altitude: 1631 m
  • Extra gear: None
  • Lift access: No



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Negative slope values means the track is heading uphill.

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