Tours closest to Pralognan la Vanoise ski resort

We found 10 tours within a radius of 16 km. They are shown in the list below. It is also possible to search all tours using our map search .

Dôme de Polset: Normal route from Peclet-Polset Refuge
Default tour photo Ascent: Dôme de Polset is a classic beginner route of...
06:00 hours UNKNOWN

1 km away.

Grande Casse: Via the Grands Couloirs (standard route)
Default tour photo The standard route climbs the prominent glacier on the...
S4 - Difficult (<45°)

6 km away.

Col de la Glière: Versant S
Default tour photo Great variety of terrain situations. Wonderful views at...
06:00 hours S4 - Difficult (<45°)

7 km away.

Grande Casse: Couloir des Italiens
Default tour photo Ascent: First ascent: L.Binaghi and A.Bonacossa, on...
06:00 hours S6 - Extreme (50-55°)

9 km away.

La Grande Motte: Depuis Tignes
Default tour photo Depuis Tignes val Claret remonter la piste le long du...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

12 km away.

Pointe du Borgne: Traversing Col du Borgne
Default tour photo This route is done in three parts with a steep descent,...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

13 km away.

Dôme des Pichères: SE slope
Default tour photo Access to Plaisance refuge: 1°) Via Le Laisonnay: From...
S3 - Medium (<35°)

14 km away.

Le Verdet: Combe Curé
Default tour photo From the summit of the Olympie Expresse chair lift,...
06:00 hours S2 - Easy

14 km away.

Pointe de la Sana: From Val d'Isère
Default tour photo Climb: At the winter parking lot-end of the road (alt....
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

15 km away.

La Salla Bowl
Default tour photo The tour starts on the open north slopes, and goes down...
00:30 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

16 km away.

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