Tours closest to Unterbäch ski resort

We found 10 tours within a radius of 27 km. They are shown in the list below. It is also possible to search all tours using our map search .

Augstbordhorn: Depuis Moosalp
Default tour photo Montée Depuis la station inférieure des téléskis de...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

5 km away.

Bordierhütte SAC: Depuis Gasenried
Default tour photo From Grachen or Gasenried through the forest on the...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

16 km away.

Spitzhorli: E Slope
Default tour photo Ascent From Simplon Hospiz climb to the flat valley...
06:00 hours S2 - Easy

18 km away.

Cabane de Tracuit CAS: From Zinal
Default tour photo Approach4-5h In Summer Follow the marked path from the...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

19 km away.

Bishorn: Normal Route
Default tour photo ApproachTo the Tracuit hut  4-5h In Summer: follow the...
S3 - Medium (<35°)

21 km away.

Weissmies: Normal Route
Default tour photo Route From the Hohsasshütte, go up for 50m besides the...
06:00 hours S4 - Difficult (<45°)

24 km away.

Aletschhorn: Par Mittelaletsch
Default tour photo Approachto the Mittelaletsch Bivouac It will soon be...
S3 - Medium (<35°)

25 km away.

Allalinhorn: Normal Route
Default tour photo A very popular route, therefore usually well...
06:00 hours S3 - Medium (<35°)

26 km away.

Britanniahütte SAC: De Saas Fee, par Felskinn
Default tour photo Approach to the Britannia Hut30mins Cable car to...
03:00 hours S1 - Very Easy

27 km away.

Strahlhorn: Normal route from the Britannia hut
Default tour photo Approachto the Britannia Hut, 30mins Cable car to...
S3 - Medium (<35°)

27 km away.

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